MODOT Says Best Way To Protect Yourself With Slick Roads Is Speed

Local News State News Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

While driving in the lake area the last couple mornings and afternoons have been challenging to say the least, the department of transportation says there is one factor that could help minimize your chances of being in a wreck.

That factor, according to Central District Area Engineer Danny Roeger who spoke on Monday’s “Ozarks This Morning,” is to ignore speed limits and drive accordingly…“The posted speed limit is just that….it’s a speed limit for dry, ideal conditions. If you’re driving the posted speed limit, (in these conditions) you’re making a bad decision.”

Numerous weather-related traffic accidents were reported over the past 48 hours in the lake area.

Mother Nature apparently will give us a little bit of a break over the next several days with temperatures expected to rise into the 40’s to near 60.

Local News State News Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony