Fri. Jun 14th, 2024


MODOT Says Current Conditions Mean Pre-Treating Roads Likely Not An Option

Motorists around the lake area are being forewarned that the likely type of winter weather in the forecast will make driving conditions a challenge to say the least.

That’s according to MoDOT Central District Area Engineer Danny Roeger who says the usual routine of pre-treating the roadways will not be an option for this storm.

We can’t just go out there, spread salt, spreading abrasives and material to counter the the freezing and potential black ice. Um, because of it’s going to rain first and it’s just going to wash all that material off.”

Roeger also says MoDOT is often challenged with when and which roadways to treat first.

Bridges are the usual culprit because there’s not that ground heat, that ground source to, uh, to keep those from freezing. But those other locations, those shady spots, the sun is at all going to peak out. Those are going to remain cooler and, uh, likely to freeze sooner than than other locations.”

Motorists are also encouraged to use the Traveler Information Map to keep up-to-date on road conditions.

Reporter Mike Anthony