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Monday Sports Report Features Chiefs & Mizzou

All News RSS Feed KRMS Sports Monday, November 27th, 2023

The Kansas City Chiefs rally from 14 -nothing down to beat the Raiders yesterday in Vegas 31 -17.

Patrick Mahomes throws for 298 yards, a couple of touchdowns, no interceptions.

Isaiah Pacheco had a couple of touchdown runs in the win as the Chiefs improved their record to 8 -3 on the season.

Next up for the Chiefs, they will take on the Green Bay Packers Sunday night football 93 -5 Rocks the Lake.


On now to Mizzou, they take down Arkansas the battle line rivalry game Friday afternoon 48 -14, another 200 yard rushing performance for Cody Schrader who is starting to hear his name mentioned in the Heisman Trophy discussion.

Mizzou now waits to learn their bold destination.

It won’t come down the line until Sunday afternoon.

Conference championship Saturday will be in front of that.

SEC championship will be a good one.

Georgia taking on Alabama who barely survived the iron bowl against Auburn on Saturday.

Mizzou basketball not a great week.

They go 2 -1 but against very weak competition.

They hang on to beat Loyola, Maryland after a 20 -point lead evaporated Saturday.

78 -70 of the final competition gets tougher tomorrow against Pittsburgh.

All News RSS Feed KRMS Sports Monday, November 27th, 2023

Reporter Brendan Matthews