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Monday Sports Report Highlights Chiefs Game & Mizzou Wins & Losses

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It’s the highly anticipated Super Bowl rematch tonight between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles.
Of course, it’s also an opportunity for the two Kelsey brothers to get together again.
Jason and Travis on opposite sides with the Eagles and Chiefs respectively.
Kansas City, they pulled it off last year in the Super Bowl.
It was a 38 -35 win, a hotly contested affair that gave the Chiefs another Super Bowl under Andy Reed and Patrick Mahomes.
Tonight, the experts say it’s going to be a tight one.Just a two and a half point spread in favor of the Chiefs, you’ll hear it on 93 -5 Rocks the Lake.
Number nine, Mizzou football needed every last second to beat the Florida Gators Saturday 9 -33 to 31.They fell behind late and needed to convert a fourth and 17 on their final drive, but Brady Cook somehow hooked up with Luther Burton for a first down.
He’d complete two more passes setting up Harrison Mevis for the 30 -yard game -winning field goal.Mizzou a chance at win number 10 Friday against Arkansas.
On the other end of the spectrum, Mizzou basketball suffered a horrible loss last night to winless Jackson State 73 -72.
High school football by the way….
Teams that still had a shot over the weekend in Mid-Missouri, a few wins & losses.
Windsor falls hard to North Platte, 42-6, and Jeff City Helias also falls to Republic, 28 to 21.
Who wins? Blair Oaks does…besting Westminster 47 to 29….same for Jeff City High, they beat McDonald County 31 to 28.

All News RSS Feed KRMS Sports Monday, November 20th, 2023

Reporter Brendan Matthews