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Monday Sports Report Talkin’ Chiefs, Cardinals & NCAA

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The Chiefs have made a habit of moving very productive players, maybe for another player in return maybe for draft picks maybe to free up cap space, but the Chiefs once again moving one of those productive players in cornerback luxurious Snead to the Tennessee Titans.

In return, the Chiefs are bringing back multiple draft picks a seventh rounder and a third round pick from the Tennessee Titans.

Snead certainly had his moments but appeared as of late to be an expendable piece of the Chiefs defense as his asking price continued to go up.


The Cardinals have set forth their rotation for the season.

Miles Michaelis to start opening day in Los Angeles against the Dodgers.

Lance Lynn will start the home opener against Miami.

Sonny Gray continues to recover from a hamstring injury although his absence is not expected to last much longer.


The Sweet 16 is set for the NCAA tournament a great Saturday and Sunday.

Right now we’ll look towards Thursday and Friday as Clemson & Arizona will start things there followed by San Diego State, UCONN, Alabama, North Carolina and Illinois, with Iowa State rounding out Sweet 16 Thursday.

All News RSS Feed KRMS Sports Monday, March 25th, 2024

Reporter Brendan Matthews