Mon. Mar 4th, 2024


More Details About “At Niangua’s End” Potential Movie Released During Interview On The “Ozarks Today”

Plans are on a fast track to put the lake area, once again, into the national spotlight.

Locally created and written, production on a full-length drama centered at Lake of the Ozarks is expected to start in early September.

Hollywood Producer Gina Goff says one reading of “At Niangua’s End” was enough for her to go after the project…“What a great story. Great acting, cinematography, all of it. I was so impressed.”

Director and co-creator and writer Chase Elliott says he expected a community effort behind the finished product…“We’re definitely going to utilize pretty much everyone who wants to be a part of it. So as far as extras or using locations.”

The other co-creator and writer of the drama is Bo Shore who will also star in the movie says it’s been a longtime goal of his to be involved in something like this…“Yeah, I’ve always been wanting to make movies since I was a little boy. And it’s really cool we have this area and the community behind it.”

Shore and Elliott both attended Camdenton together and Goff is a Jeff City native.

All three were live in the KRMS studio on Wednesday.

Reporter Mike Anthony