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More Hope Coming Towards The Reopening Of The Brumley Swinging Bridge

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Although there’s still a lot to happen before the historic Brumley Swinging Bridge can be re-opened to traffic, a group trying to make that happen is on the receiving end of some possible good news toward the cause.

The Save America’s Treasures grant is available to us right now because the bridge is on the historic registry. That grant has a due date of December 19th. So we are looking at all options.”

Group spokesperson Marlena Hatmaker says the Miller County Commission has also tossed in another possible idea to help in the funding for the project.

Right now, Miller County is looking through paperwork, but also dealing with their attorney to see what can be done as far as adding a small park there to kind of subsidize the bridge a little bit and help it, and it’s repairs this go around, but also maintenance in the future.”

Total cost of the four-phase project would be around $900,000 with about 100,000 needed for the first phase, a structural integrity study, which MoDOT conceivably would be responsible for 80,000 and the county the other 20,000 which could at least get the bridge re-opened while the other phases are worked on.

In the meantime, the group plans to attend as many community events as possible to continue fundraising and spreading awareness about the plans.

All News RSS Feed Business Politics Top Stories Sunday, November 19th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony