Sun. Feb 25th, 2024


New State Law Banning Transgender Surgeries & Puberty Blockers Now In Effect

A new state law banning doctors and medical staff from giving puberty blockers to minors or performing transgender surgery on them is now in effect with healthcare providers across the state facing significant liability for violating provisions of the law.

State Attorney General Andrew Bailey has also sent out warning letters to hospitals and clinics providing such services to immediately cease, what the warning calls, experimental treatment of minors.

“A huge win in the fight to protect children in the state of Missouri, but also nationwide. I mean, look, other states had passed similar legislation prior to us, and that legislation had been challenged in court. In each instance, the trial court had granted an injunction to block those other states’ laws. We’re the first state to win against a temporary injunction.”

The new law does allow minors to continue their transition if it’s already underway.


More info:

After Senate Bill 49 took effect today following a massive legal win by his office last week, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey directed a letter to providers across the state warning them to immediately cease experimental treatment on minors. Recipients of the letter include Washington University (St. Louis), Southampton Healthcare (St. Louis), Children’s Mercy (Kansas City), Planned Parenthood Great Plains, Planned Parenthood St. Louis, and AIDS Project of the Ozarks (Springfield).

Attorney General Bailey begins the letter, “I write to inform you that as of 12:00am this morning, § 191.1720, RSMo (the “SAFE Act”) is the law of the land. Under the terms of the SAFE Act, you must immediately cease and desist performing gender transition surgeries on minors. Further, although under the SAFE Act you may continue providing puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones to patients already receiving them before August 28, you are barred from administering such experimental ‘treatments’ to any new patients.”

He continues, “I remind you, too, of the SAFE Act’s enforcement provisions. Any health care provider or entity who knowingly violates the SAFE Act is engaging in professional misconduct as a matter of law and ‘shall have his or her license to practice revoked.’ § 191.1720.5 RSMo. Further, the SAFE Act creates an individual cause of action for victims who are harmed by individuals or entities providing ‘treatments’ barred by the Act, including the prescribing or administering of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.”

He concludes, “The people of Missouri have spoken decisively on this issue through their elected representatives, and the courts, after a full evidentiary hearing, have declined to enjoin the law. The time for experimenting on Missouri’s children is over.”

This letter comes after the Missouri Attorney General’s Office was the first in the nation to successfully defend at the trial court level a state law barring child mutilation. The Court handed down its decision last Friday, declining to enjoin the law after a three-day hearing.

The full letter can be read here

Reporter Mike Anthony