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Numerous Agencies Team Up To Clean Up After Strong Storms Knock Down Trees

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It’s been a long night after severe weather hit the Lake Area and beyond.

Samantha Henley from the Camden County Emergency Management Agency warns anyone who is out and about to avoid certain areas.

“Road and Bridge has let us know that the normal areas that usually Flood area already flooded. We’re hoping that it goes down pretty quickly so we can get those back open as soon as possible.”

Earlier reports of a tornado touchdown in the area were proven to be unconfirmed. However there is much storm damage across Lake Of The Ozarks, enough that even MODOT crews are working to clear some damage…that according to Central District Area Engineer Danny Roeger.

“Just about every Truck is out….we’ve got enough chain saws to mobilize out and scatter across the entire county…really around the areas where the storm hit the hardest last night. And we’ll get those trees and limbs pulled out so we can get any roads reopened.”

Power is still out to many as crews, specifically in the Electric Cooperatives continue to battle damaged lines

“Our crews identify a problem…we’ll make a repair and try to energize that line and boom, it goes back off…and we’ll move down the line to find the next problem. This could take some time.”

Laclede Electric’s Byron Dudly says it could be Tuesday before all power is fully restored in the harder hit areas.

The National Weather Service is asking for anyone who may have storm damage reports to submit them to the offices in Springfield as soon as possible.

All News RSS Feed Front Page News Monday, August 14th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony