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Numerous Firefighters Are Training All Weekend Across The Lake Area

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Around 300 firefighters from across the country are in the lake area for a couple days of camaraderie and extensive specialty training.

“It started as a little dream of, hey, I’d like to bring in this certain instructor. The Lake Area Firefighters, local 3987 helped with that and get it rolling. We’ve been hooked up with the Lake Area Fools, which is a non for profit firefighting group to benefit firefighters and their families and help with training. And we just get together every July and we sweat it out, but we have a great time.”

Lake Ozark Deputy Chief Dave Woodward, one of the masterminds of the annual training conference.

This year is the 6th annual and its being held at multiple spots around the lake area including the Sunrise Beach Fire Station, a recycling business on A-Road in Camden County and at the Regalia.

The Revolutionary Fire Tactics conference begins Friday and will wrap up on Sunday.

All News RSS Feed Top Stories Friday, July 28th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony