Sat. Jun 15th, 2024


Osage Beach P&Z Meeting On Oasis At Lakeport Rezoing Set For Tuesday Night At 6PM

The Osage Beach Planning Commission will consider a rezoning request during tonight’s meeting which would clear another hurdle in the much-hyped future $360-million Oasis at Lakeport project.

Developers are asking the city to rezone the 8.2 acre piece of property along Jeffries Road from C-1 General Commercial to C-1 General Commercial with an E-3 Overlay.

The change will allow the overall project to include an amusement park with customary rides and accessory uses.

With an affirmative response tonight, the rezoning question would ultimately be decided by the board of aldermen.

Tonight’s meeting of the planning commission, however, begins at 6:00 in city hall.

Reporter Mike Anthony