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Osage Beach Readies For Summertime With Budget Decisions And Upcoming Votes

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With anticipation building for another season, city officials from around the lake area are looking at their bottom lines.

Osage Beach Mayor Michael Harmison says he expects a big year for that bottom line especially if voters approve an additional tax on marijuana sales.

“I’m part of the CVB board and a lot of business owners are saying they’re looking for a huge summer. We will have on the April ballot, the Marijuana Tax increase for the citizens to decide….that would be an additional 3% in addition to the state tax, which would go right back to the City of Osage Beach.”

Harmison also says the tax revenue from marijuana sales has already been earmarked to services that would take on the majority of calls for increased activity around the city.

“We have designated the Ambulance Services, The Parks and The Police for that additional 3%….so I am all in favor of it. So, people can choose what they want to do recreationally…but I do think it’s something we should approve.”

Voters in Osage Beach will decide on the additional three-percent tax for marijuana sales on April 4th.

All News RSS Feed Business Politics Monday, February 20th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony