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Osage Beach Water Rescue Felt Like Something “Straight Out Of Baywatch” Says OBFPD

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At first glance, you might have thought it was a scene right out of Baywatch as Osage Beach firefighters hit the water to stop an out-of-control partially sinking pontoon boat circling around with its occupants holding on tight so they didn’t end up in the water.

“Because at the rate it was going, that boat might have went down, might have capsized or I was what I was really concerned about is the people jumping there’s. Actually, I believe, like, four people on the boat.”

Fire Captain Nate Coppock also told KRMS News that time was of the essence and his crew had to resort to summoning a couple nearby good Samaritans to help.

“What we ended up doing was I yelled at some guys that were on jet skis. I waved them down, had them come over to us, and a couple of my guys jumped on the back of the jet skis and went out to the boat. And one of the jet skis just kind of had to keep following the boat in circles until one of my guys could jump off of the jet ski onto the boat.”

Firefighters Jud Douglas and Chris Holden were able to reach the boat and kill the motor ending the drama.

The occupants of the boat were then given a lift back to where they are staying.

The Osage Beach Fire District is also hoping to learn the identities of the two jet skiers so they can be formally recognized for their help.

All News RSS Feed Top Stories Tuesday, July 25th, 2023

Reporter John Rogger