The big rigs continue rolling through the Show-Me State today protesting vaccine mandates and the Covid-related State of Emergency which is still in effect across the country. Some KRMS listeners witnessed the impressive sight traveling along Interstate-44 in the St. Robert area…

“Bridge after bridge, overpass after overpass, people were lined up with American flags and ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ flags… It’s just wonderful seeing all the trucks and all flags and all the people…They’re travelling at about 50 mph and its at least two hours long. At least 2,000 trucks, and at least 15 miles long of a convoy.”

The “People’s Convoy” is a similar effort to the “Freedom Convoy” which rolled across Canada protesting a federal regulation requiring truck drivers crossing into Canada from the U.S. to show proof of vaccination. The convoy passing through Missouri over the past couple of days, started in Adelanto, California, and is expected to reach the Capital Beltway in the Washington, DC, area this weekend.