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Warm Weather Could Speed up Bagnell Dam Project

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A break in the winter weather this week may be just what the doctor ordered for MoDOT when it comes to the Bagnell Dam project. That’s according to Central District Area Engineer Bob Lynch who says, with the warm-up, crews might be able to start on getting some 25 expansion joints put in place…

“The challenge were having right now it trying to get the structure warmed up to where we can finish putting in the expansion joints,” says Lynch. “The steel holds that cold that it gets throughout the night and it keeps it during the daytime even thought its going to get up to sixty its gonna take a while for that steel to warm up.”

Lynch also says, while work along the barrier wall still also needs to be done…at the current time…there is still no new date expected for the dam to be re-opened to traffic.

All News RSS Feed Tuesday, March 1st, 2022

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