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Power Restored For More Than 10,000 Lake Area Customers Following Chain Reaction Shutdown

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More than 10-thousand of the roughly 11-and-a-half-thousand customers of the Southwest Electric Cooperative in Camden County were without power for a spell on Thursday afternoon.

The cooperative’s outage map showed the Roach area being hit the hardest with 2,552 customers without power at one time while there were 2024 customers in the Macks Creek also without power.

Other areas affected included Coffman Bend, Greenview and the area around Route-J and north highway-7.

Southwest customers in Benton County were also hit pretty hard with at least 3,500 customers affected including about 2,400 in Knobby Creek.

A representative for the Southwest Cooperative says a combination of issues along the line caused a couple of their bigger transformers to go down.

Part of the cause was an accident in Greenview, where a pickup truck struck a power pole…knocking it down to the ground and shorting systems out along the line.

As of early Friday morning area electric cooperatives are reporting no outages in the region.

All News RSS Feed Top Stories Friday, July 21st, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony