Sat. Apr 13th, 2024


PSC Greenlights “Grain Belt Express” Tri-State Energy Project

A green light has been lit for the massive multi-state energy project that will span from Kansas, into Missouri and end in Illinois.

That’s the word from the Missouri Public Service Commission that checked off the boxes for the Grain Belt Express, which will stretch nearly 800 miles and cost around $7 Billion to construct.

The system will carry wind produced energy from Kansas and send it across the region, boosting Missouri’s energy capacity by some 2,500 megawatts…which officials believe could power up to 150,000 homes at one time.

The company behind the concept, Invenergy Transmission, says the lines will run in DC instead of AC, allowing power to move in multiple directions, so power can be transferred to specific areas during emergencies, such as extreme cold snaps or massive heatwaves.

Some pushback has been received by farmers affected by the planned transmission lines, stating it will impact the environment, local farming and their property values.

Because it’s public utility…the government can transfer private land to public use, so long as the owners are compensated.

Officials are estimating a payment of 150% of the current value, or around $2,000 per parcel of land.

Construction could begin as early as 2025.

Reporter John Rogger