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State Lawmakers Getting The Jump By Sponsoring Upcoming Legislation For 2024

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With the prefiling period for the 2024 Missouri General Assembly just three weeks ago, state lawmakers are getting ready to get a jump on sponsoring legislation with a couple hot-button topics expected again to highlight the session.

Toward the end of last year, foreign ownership of Missouri land became a hot-button issue.

As a result, several measures were introduced during this year’s regular legislative session, which concluded in mid-May.

Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Caleb Rowden of Columbia sponsored Senate Joint Resolution 41, which would have created the Joint Committee on State Security…

Something that makes a lot of sense relative to where we are, but also just not knowing where we’re going to be. Our friends may not be our friends 20 years from now, so I think we have to find some way to be flexible in that regard.”

Among the other measures that would have restricted foreign ownership was Senate Bill 144.

Senator Doug Beck of St. Louis was the sponsor.

He says he has sponsored this type of legislation for the past five years…

Actually, I prefer to have Missouri in farmland in Missouri. That’s really where I’m at. However, I think definitely Americans should own farmland in this country.”

There is a high likelihood more proposals relating to foreign ownership of Missouri land will be a part of next year’s regular legislative session.

Session will start in January.

All News RSS Feed Politics State News Top Stories Wednesday, November 15th, 2023

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