Sun. Jul 14th, 2024


State Lawmakers Looking At Bills To Modify The Current Age For Marriage

When state lawmakers return to Jefferson City next week for the second half of the General Assembly, two bills seeking to modify the age at which people can get married will be on the agenda.

Senator Holly Thompson Rehder of Scott City sponsors Senate Bill 767, which would modify provisions relating to the age of marriage…

“It’s very personal, for me, to make this a step for women, for girls….in the direction…..that gives them more prosperity in the long term.”

At present, the youngest someone can get married in Missouri, with consent, is 16. Without consent, the limit is 18.

Senator Lauren Arthur of Kansas City sponsors Senate Bill 1342, which has been combined with Senate Bill 767…

“Child marriage puts children at risk of social isolation, mental and physical health issues, intimate partner abuse and poverty.”

Senate Bills 767 & 1342 awaits time on the floor of the Missouri Senate.

Reporter KRMS Newsroom