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Trial Date Set For Former Lake Area Relator Accused Of Conspiracy To Commit Murder

All News RSS Feed Crime Thursday, March 10th, 2022

The trial of a former lake area real estate agent accused of conspiracy to commit murder has been set.

Officials report that Leigh Ann Bauman will be in court on May 23rd.

Prosecuting attorney Caleb Cunningham tells KRMS News her pre-trial conference was held on Wednesday, with no new evidence being submitted to the ongoing case.

A change in attorneys however was announced, from area attorney Simon Fawzy & Springfield attorney Dean Price Jr, to Jefferson City based attorney Dan Dodson.

Bauman faces numerous charges including a conspiracy to commit murder by attempting to hire a hitman to take out her mother-in-law, along with violating a court order keeping her from having contact with her children.

It’s alleged that Bauman ordered a birthday package to be sent to her daughter while in jail, however she denies any wrongdoing.

All News RSS Feed Crime Thursday, March 10th, 2022

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