Sat. Jun 15th, 2024


Veto Session Ends With No Vetoes Being Overridden

This year’s veto session in the State Capitol is history with none of the several vetoes by Governor Mike Parson being overridden.

The House did receive the necessary two-thirds support to override the governor on 14 budget items…several of which were supported by State Representative Bill Hardwick, a Republican, out of Waynesville.

I consider each of the motions on a case by case basis if it was an initiative important to a community, and I thought it made sense for our state, then I supported it. If I thought it was something we needed, then I supported it.”

Among items supported by Hardwick included funding for Interstate-44 improvements, increases in pay for the highway patrol and Capitol Police, re-enlistment incentives for the Missouri national Guard and to fund a statewide search and rescue unit.

Ultimately, the Senate bypassed on holding a vote to override any of the vetoes.

Reporter Mike Anthony