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Water Issues During The Summer Are On Their Way To Being Fixed In Lake Ozark

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Recent water-pressure problems in the City of Lake Ozark that began during the summer are on their way to being permanently fixed.

City Administrator Harrison Frye says with passage of the city budget for the new year last week equipment needed to fully repair the problems will be coming soon.

Frye explained the nature of the problem on a recent edition of Morning Magazine on NewsTalk KRMS…

“Two water towers in town….they have a well and a reserve tank on them….at the point where the volume drops below a certain level, it kicks on and refills the tank. It does that however many times a day based on the demand. The monitoring system that tells it when to refill has been faulty over the past few months in Lake Ozark, but now we have been able to get the approval in place to replace that monitoring system. Ameren has been very cooperative with us too in helping us with an electrical supply issue that has been happening at the south side water tower….so, that program is moving forward as we speak.”

In that interview Frye also said the Spring will bring the start of an aggressive road resurfacing project that will benefit 34 roads in the city.

All News RSS Feed Politics Saturday, December 17th, 2022

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