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You heard it on Classic Country 104 .9 last night.

Boys basketball, Lakers, beat the Waynesville Tigers in overtime.

52 to 47 was the final.

And with the Ozark Conference coming to an end, who knows how often these two rivals will be able to play in all sports in the years to come.

So great job by the Lakers last night.


College basketball saw a big upset as South Carolina goes into #5 Tennessee, knocks off the volunteers.

63 to 59.

South Carolina came in as essentially two touchdown underdogs in this game.

You have 14 points in basketball.

That’s a lot.

That’s a big time upset in the SEC.

Mizzou basketball still looking for their first SEC win.

They are hosting Arkansas tonight in Columbia.

Mizzou will unveil the battle line trophy in football of course at half time.

For those Tigers, try and fire up the fans.

Should be one of the bigger crowds of the SEC season so far.


In hockey, the Blues right before the All -Star break lay a big egg.

They fall at home to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

One to nothing. The Blues are blanked.

Their five game winning streak comes to an end.


And the Royals made it official, signing veteran infielder Adam Frazier

All News RSS Feed KRMS Sports Wednesday, January 31st, 2024

Reporter Brendan Matthews