Sat. Jun 15th, 2024


With Expected Cold Snap Officials Are Giving Residents A Heads Up On Area Warming Shelters

With the expected cold snap hitting the Lake this weekend, officials across the state are recommending you prepare ahead of time.

That includes making sure you have enough firewood, heating sources, blankets and more, in the case the power goes out or if you find yourself in a situation where you need to keep warm.

Camden County Emergency Management Director Samantha Henley says there are several warming centers to duck into, should the need arise…

“Most people know that the library district is part of that….as well as our senior centers, the YMCA…different things like that that are open during the day. We don’t have anything that’s open overnight.”

Henley urges those who will need shelter to make a plan now, and try contacting family and friends who may be able to help.

She also says that it’s important to know the difference between a warming center & a warming shelter….

The difference is warming centers are only required to be open during normal business hours, and they do not have to provide anything. No water, no food, no nothing. It’s basically just a place to get out of the elements. Now warming shelters, there’s a whole list of things that they have to provide because you’re looking at operations that go well past regular business hours.”

In 2022 a similar cold snap prompted the opening of a 24-hour warming center at the Community Christian Church in Camdenton, as well as discussions with the County Commission on building a more permanent warming shelter, but that hasn’t been completed yet.

A full look of the locations across the region & more tips to be safe can be found at the MDHSS’s website Or see below:


Camden County:

Osage Beach Library
1064 Gutridge Lane
Osage Beach,  MO  65065

1371 C Bagnall Dam Blvd
Lake Ozark,  MO  65049

Sunrise Beach Library
14156 North State Highway 5
Sunrise Beach,  MO  65079

Camdenton Senior Center
594 South State Highway 5
Camdenton,    65020

Macks Creek Library
90 State Road N
Macks Creek,  MO  65786

Macks Creek Senior Center
558 Carnahan Road
Macks Creek,    65786

Climax Springs Library
14157 North State Highway 7
Climax Springs,  MO  65324

Ivy Bend Youth Center
4039 Saw Mill Road
Stover,  MO  65078

Stoutland Senior Center
306 South Highway T
Stoutland, MO 65567

Stoutland Library
132 Starling Avenue
Stoutland,  MO  65567

Richland Library
111 West Camden Avenue
Richland,  MO  65556


Miller County:

Miller County Library – Iberia
304 North Saint Louis Street
Iberia,  MO  65486

Eldon Senior Center
926 East North Street
Eldon,  MO  65026

Miller County Library – Eldon
308 East First Street
Eldon,  MO  65026

Morgan County:

Westside Senior Center
1501 Highway O
Laurie,  MO  65038

Versailles Senior Center
308 Fairgrounds Road
Versailles,  MO  65084

Morgan County Library
600 North Hunter
Versailles,  MO  65084

Otterville City Hall (Tipton Area)
204 North Cherry Street
Otterville,  MO  65348

Benton County:

Warsaw Library
102 East Jackson
Warsaw,  MO  65355

Warsaw Senior Center
17571 N. Dam Access Road
Warsaw,  MO  65355

Cole Camp Library
701 West Main Street
Cole Camp,  MO  65325

Cole Camp Senior Center
206 Junge Street
Cole Camp,  MO  65325

Windsor Senior Center (Ionia Area)
201 South Main
Windsor,  MO  65360

More tips from the MDHSS:

Hypothermia (hi-poe-THUR-me-uh) is defined as a drop in body temperature to less than 95 degrees Fahrenheit (°F) or 35 degrees Celsius (°C) as result of exposure to cold weather or a natural environment. Hypothermia occurs when the body loses heat faster than it’s produced. Hypothermia is dangerous and can quickly become life threatening. Don’t wait – call 911 first if you or someone else is showing signs of hypothermia!

Body temperature can drop when a person spends a long period of time exposed to cold temperatures. Loss of body heat can also occur when a person becomes wet with water or sweat, even in milder temperatures. It is important to note this condition can happen indoors as well as outdoors, especially when someone isn’t properly clothed or lives in a poorly heated home. Factors that contribute to hypothermia include:

  • substance influence or abuse (alcohol and drugs),
  • underlying medical condition (such as heart disease, diabetes, dementia or other mental health condition; sometimes the medications used to treat them),
  • accidental falls, immersion in water, and motor vehicle accidents,
  • outdoor work or hobbies,
  • lack of resources (food, clothing and shelter), and
  • age (infants and young children, and older adults are especially vulnerable).

Hypothermia can happen to anyone; however, some people are at greater risk and may need assistance to stay safe in cold weather.

To find out more click here -> https://health.mo.gov/living/healthcondiseases/hypothermia/

Reporter John Rogger