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Wonderland Camp For People With Disabilities Looking To Hire Summer Staff

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A popular camp at Lake of the Ozarks offering a chance for kids, teenagers and adults with disabilities a chance to enjoy all of its activities is looking for a few more good men and woman to help with the cause.

That’s according to Wonderland Camp Director of Fund Development and Communications Mike Clayton who says the summer camp program isn’t just fun for the campers.

“We have a rock climbing wall, we have a burma bridge, all of our challenge elements are accessible….we have a giant swing, we have a tree climb, inground swimming pool, basketball court, put put golf course, and volleyball with a beach….it’s a blast!”

Clayton also says that the camp has a wide appeal for the campers who come from all over the region.

“We have a large amount of campers that come this tri-county area! We also have campers coming from all regions, but mainly from the state of Missouri.”

The main summer camps begin in late May.

Those interested in being hired and part of the fun should contact Wonderland Camp.

All News RSS Feed Front Page News Sunday, April 21st, 2024

Reporter Mike Anthony