Prewitt Decision Pushed To Next Month


The saga between Gary Prewitt and the Camden County Planning and Zoning Commission will have to wait another month to be concluded. At Wednesday night’s meeting, the commission listened to residents who felt as if they had been brushed aside in the comment period and wanted their thoughts to be known about the project that Prewitt wanted to complete. The project would allow for the building of a convenience store and rental housing near the Shady Gator’s complex in Lake Ozark. Chairman Jeff Carroll says they need time to think it over.



Among the packed house of residents was the attorney for Andy Prewitt, Lewis Bridges, who noted during a public comment period that the P & Z was operating outside their authority in this case and that they were not suppose to be looking at this but rather the Camden County Board of Adjustments should be hearing the case. Earlier this year the attorney mentioned a lawsuit may be filed if this portion does not get approved as it had already been approved and according to Camden County law shouldn’t have been sent back at all. Planning and Zoning will meet again in September to make a final decision.

IRS Scam Alert


The Internal Revenue Service is warning lake area residents to be on the lookout for a new email phishing scam.  The emails appear to be from the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service and include a bogus number.  The fake emails may also include a message stating that a person’s 2013 income is flagged for review due to a document processing error and has been forwarded to the taxpayer advocate service for resolution assistance.  The IRS says the taxpayer advocate service is a legitimate IRS organization but does not initiate contact with taxpayers by email or any other social media.

Mugshot Legislation Has Been Passed In The State Of Missouri


Legislation has been passed by the Missouri House of Representatives that attempts to crack down on commercial websites that post police mug shots of people and then demand money to have them removed.  The house unanimously passed the bill that would require websites to delete photos for free within 30 days of a request.  Those who don’t could be charged with a misdemeanor.  Supporters of the measure say many people whose booking photos are posted are not charged with crimes, but must pay to have the pictures removed.  The bill would not apply to certain organizations such as news media.

Missouri House Of Representatives Endorses Wood Burning Legislation

missouri capitol

A bill meant to keep the federal government from enforcing updated regulations on wood burning stoves and furnaces has been endorsed by the Missouri House of Representatives.  The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed standards for makers of wood stoves in its aim to reduce emissions by nearly 80 percent.  Manufacturers testified before lawmakers telling them the new standards would make stoves too costly for most consumers and could put them out of business.  The proposed legislation would also prohibit the State Department of Natural Resources from regulating the use or manufacture of wood stoves without approval of the General Assembly.

Union Rallies Against Right To Work

right to work rally

Nearly one thousand people were on hand for a rally at the State Capitol yesterday.  Union members were on hand to protest legislation that would prohibit labor contracts from requiring that all employees pay union fees.  Sources say the proposed bill is a top priority of House Republican Leaders who say the right to work bill is necessary for the State to compete for jobs.  Governor Jay Nixon spoke at the rally and told those in attendance that he would veto the bill and called it “unnecessary and misguided legislation.”  The Governor also said he would fight the proposal if the legislature decides to put it on the 2014 Ballot.

Electronic Voting Machines Could Be Fading Out


Legislation has been endorsed by the Missouri Senate that would require local elections authorities to phase out the use of some electronic voting machines.  Under the proposed legislation, voters could only use electronic machines that produce a paper trail of marked votes.  The other types of electronic machines could still be used but could not be replaced once they malfunction or break down.  The legislation also declares that the paper ballot is the official ballot for state elections.  The bill received first round approval yesterday and needs one more vote in the senate before going to the house.

MODOT will spend the next few weeks repairing potholes


The Missouri Department of Transportation kicked off a Statewide Pothole Repair Initiative today. MODOT Lake Area Engineer Bob Lynch says potholes and road conditions will be an issue during the next several weeks:

Lynch says it is going to be a challenge for them to get the roads back in shape, but they are going to make sure the roads are drivable, safe and keep people moving.