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MoDot Needs to Spend Money

MoDot is in danger of losing matching Federal funds if they are not used by a certain time. 47-million-dollars is at stake if the road department does not figure out a way to spend that money. Bob Lynch says they can only look so far into the future… Lynch adds that projections are based on the economy and if gas prices stay low, then more people will be traveling on … [Read More]

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Courthouse Open This Weekend for Absentee Voting

The Camden County Courthouse will be open this weekend for those desiring to submit absentee ballots for the upcoming election next week. Their hours of operation will be 8:30am to 4:30pm for the remainder of the week. On Saturday (1), they will be open from … [Read More]

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Helpers For Hire Helps Seniors and Others

During the summer months, the Camden County Sheriff’s Office as well as other law enforcement agencies receive many calls, especially from senior citizens concerning scam artists quoting one price then changing the price after completing the work at their … [Read More]


Lake Ozark Changes Naming Persons in Ordinances

There is a change in how the City of Lake Ozark will handle titles and names in their ordinance. On Tuesday (28) the board voted approval, after hearing from City Administrator Dave Van Dee on what to include in an ordinance on who has access of public … [Read More]

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School of the Osage Ready to Register New Students

The School of the Osage is gearing up for another school year. In connection with that, administration and faculty are preparing to register new students to the district. Superintendent Doctor Brent Dupree has tips to help with the enrollment … [Read More]


Destination Camdenton Plans to be Revealed

Camdenton City leaders are meeting with others in the community to discuss the plans that are outlined for Destination Camdenton. Camdenton City Administrator Jeff Hancock says the consulting firm R-D-G will have the answers many have been wondering about … [Read More]


Woman Arrested For Drug Possession

An Osage Beach woman was arrested by police last week after allegedly being found in the possession of Methamphtamine. 30-year-old Heather M. Waller was arrested on Wednesday (22) and charged with Possession of Meth, Narcotics and Drug Paraphernalia. The Osage … [Read More]

Cell Tower

ATT Announces Big Change for FM and Cellphones

Soon, you will be able to listen to me or any other F-M radio station on your cell phone. A-T-and-T has teamed up with Android makers of cell phones to introduce NextRadio. Once the FM chip in your phone is activated, persons can listen to their favorite … [Read More]


Fatalities Are up in Missouri

An increase in traffic fatalities and drownings in Missouri are being indicated by the Missouri Highway Patrol. So far 437 traffic fatalities have been reported, up from 412 at the same time in 2014. On the water, 30 drownings have taken place so far, up from … [Read More]